Kite boarding is an exciting adventure sport which is catching up really fast amongst thrill seekers across the world. It offers dollops of fun and is the activity to go for whenever the weather is good and you have time in hand. But before you take the kite and set out for kite boarding, here are some tips that will get you started.

  • Take lessons: kite boarding can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Take lessons to get started quickly and can also learn about safety rules and other do’s and don’ts. This will ensure that you are safe.
  • Kite boarding is for everyone: those no prior experience can also do kite boarding, as long as they get trained properly for it. Get yourself a good instructor and the proper equipment and then start taking the lessons.
  • Start only when you are confident: practice kite boarding with the assistance of a qualified instructor will you become confident of doing it by yourself. We have seen people who gather the confidence of real fast, and others who need a longer time to get started on their own. Hence, ask yourself whether you are ready or not. If you have doubts, then practice some more with a qualified instructor before you start doing kite boarding on your own.
  • Buy proper equipment: Getting the right kite boarding gear for yourself is a must before you even start taking your kite boarding lessons. You would be needing a harness, kites and kite boards at the minimum. The best made to understand what you need is to speak with a qualified instructor, preferably the one from home you would be taking your kite boarding lessons. These instructors are professionals who would be knowing what is needed and also from where to purchase the kite boarding gear. Beware of doing it all by yourself till you get the experience, since there are many shops, both off-line and online, which sell gear of questionable quality. Buying these will seriously jeopardise your safety.
  • Choose the right weather: kite boarding should be done when the weather is supportive. Do some homework to find out about the weather forecast for the day on which you wish to serve. Weather websites and local news channels can get you this information.

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  • Network with other kite boarders: your journey does not end with taking kite boarding lessons. In fact, it has just started. To become even more experienced, network with other kite boarding enthusiasts, and go for kite boarding sessions with them. Start sharing your experiences, both good and bad. Soon you will understand the best practices of kite boarding. Once you implement the same, you will be able to make your sessions more enjoyable. Another benefit that you will get is that you will know about many kite boarding destinations which offer great fun with thrill. One word of caution over here, not all destinations might be suitable for you. Hence evaluate the destination well before setting off to it with your kite board.

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