Yoga has been popular for thousands of years as a great way of exercising. However, many believe that yoga is a serious affair which needs to be done in a controlled environment. This is far from true. Yoga can be made very exciting by adapting it to fit the modern sports and can be practiced in exciting environments.

Take Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga for example. Paddle boarding is a relatively new sport which is done on a water body. It provides excitement, fun and rejuvenation. However, when you do yoga on a stand-up Paddleboard, it can additionally help you stay fit too.

The following are some compelling reasons for trying out Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga:

  • Relaxation: what can be more relaxing than doing yoga while floating on the water on a Paddleboard? Imagine yourself doing your favourite yoga postures while balancing yourself among the waves. The light breeze, the waves and the calmness around you will ensure that you get relaxed much sooner than you would while doing yoga on land.

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  • Enjoy the beauty: Choose a secluded water body to do Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga and start enjoying the serenity and calmness around you. Bright sunlight on a vast water body with a great landscape is always better than the monotony of a gym. Nothing can be better to get you calmed and rejuvenated quickly.
  • It’s fun: This is an unusual sport and is great fun when you become a little experienced and confident. Nothing can be better than getting out of the boredom of daily life and enjoying something so exciting.
  • You get better at paddle boarding too: it will take you some practice before you are able to use a stand-up paddle board correctly. The initial hiccups will be there, but soon you will get the balance and the idea about how to maintain your stability. As you get more accustomed and experienced in doing the basic yoga postures on a stand-up paddleboard, you will get the confidence to do the more complicated postures on your own. This will make you an expert in stand-up paddle boarding as well.


  • You will overcome your fears: doing yoga on a water body requires you to let go of your fear of drowning. Once you have learned how to balance yourself on the stand-up paddleboard, you will slowly become more courageous. Those who do not fear the water will enjoy the rush that they will get from this adventure.
  • Learn to bounce back: naturally, in this kind of a sport, there is very little scope for an error. You lose your balance and you will fall straight into the water. In most cases, you will have to get back on the stand-up paddleboard or the land on your own. This teaches you valuable and essential life skills wherein you will learn to take care of yourself and bounce back in the face of adversities, without taking help from others.

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