SUP Yoga for those who aren’t familiar, refer to practicing yoga on a stand-up paddleboard -essentially a giant surfboard that functions as a buoyant yoga mat. It may sound scary, but it’s a wonderful experience on the water.

The trick to mastering SUP Yoga lies in balancing your body, using your muscles equally across the board while taking deep breaths. The conventional yoga postures are modified to suit the shape of the board minimizing the chances of falling off, thus helping build confidence on the water.

As calm waters are vital to ensure you’re not being knocked off balance by waves, the location is a crucial factor. Here are a few of our favorite SUP Yoga destinations.


Blessed with a long coastline, Australia is known for its pristine coves, calm waters, and balmy vibes. With stunning waterways behind sparkling beaches, it is a tropical haven waiting to be explored on a SUP board.

You can relax with tours along the shoreline exploring hidden bays, grand houses, and natural scenery. Or explore beaches around the various national parks – paddling with dolphins and turtles with the koalas looking on in the trees.


White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, lovingly prepared organic food, fresh fruit, and juices… and daily SUP yoga – sound blissful? The ideal environment to deeply connect with nature, perfect conditions abound for surfing with amazing weather and outstanding reef breaks.  A perfect mix of relaxation and uplifting fun activities awaits you in Bali.

There is no shortage of options for recreation – nature walks, horseback riding, diving, surfing – even bungee jumping and white water rafting – await the adventurous. Those less inclined can have their fill of colorful Balinese festivals and magnificent temples and palaces.


Croatia is known for its turquoise waters, gorgeous stone buildings and sailing, but never as a SUP Yoga destination. The many beaches and coves that border the stunning Adriatic Sea are perfect to practice stand-up paddle boarding. Yogis can take to the crystal clear waters for classes in the daytime and the world-famous Boga Yoga Boards – designed as floating yoga mats provide a fabulous experience.

Popular are glow paddle tours in the night out to the untouched, uninhabited archipelago islands scattering the coastline. These cuisine delicacies of Croatia rival the best of its neighbor Italy and are stunning combined with the sparkling seas.


For many SUP Yoga fans, Maldives is heaven on Earth. Imagine basking in sunshine and being surrounded by tropical fish while performing a yogic pose in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Coral reefs surround most islands; which protect the land creating calm lagoons to enjoy swimming, SUP’ing, kayaking, and windsurfing.

A picture-perfect aquatic playground so warm and inviting that its impossible to resist taking a dip. Coral reefs teem with colorful underwater creatures so beautiful you wouldn’t mind snorkeling for hours.

If you’re planning a vacation by the seaside, make sure to add a SUP Yoga class to your list of things to do. One of these destinations should definitely top your holiday list!