Is your outdoor yoga session regularly being affected by nasty downpours in your city? Head out to retreats around the globe where the sun is shining to clear your mind and unwind. We’ve spent the past few days searching for the factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect yoga retreat. We have come up with some advice that we feel will help you choose the perfect one.

1. Location

The location is crucial when picking a retreat. While picking a spot you’ve forever been itching to go, you might as well set the stage for an incredible vacation. Make sure you consider a place where you will get enough motivation to perform yoga. You must also take into account if you want to dedicate the trip to just yoga or if you wish to participate in other activities like maybe surfing, trekking or even biking as well. Pick a location that offers you all the things that you would want and more.

If you enjoy exploring monuments, arts and local cultures then Paris, Spain, Tuscany, and Provence are some good options.

If you are the person who enjoys warm sunny beaches sipping on Corona, then Hawaii or Mexico is the way to go.

If you want to get soaked in luxury, go to Napa Valley, San Juan Islands, Napa Valley or Sonoma.

If you are an outdoor kind of person who enjoys rustic camping trips the head to Montana.

2. pick an instructor and style you prefer

Find out more about the teacher(s) directing the retreat like their experience both guiding retreats as well as teaching yoga. If it is possible for you to attend their class before heading out for the retreat then we highly recommend you to do so. If they are not available to meet, then you may ask for some of their testimonials by their students. You must be comfortable with your instructor to learn yoga and have fun practising it.

3. Theme and focus of a retreat

Always question yourself what is it that you want from the retreat before committing to any of them. If it is merely exercise and physical activity you are looking for, then you may find yourself out of place in a life-coaching and self-development based retreats. So, you must always ensure that the retreat you choose is the perfect one for you. If you choose a retreat that is right for you, then you will be able to connect with most of the people attending it.


4. cost and timing

Generally, all retreats include all the necessary expenses of stay under one price with airfare being the only extra cost. If it doesn’t include some necessities, then it will be mentioned clearly. This will make it easier for the person attending the retreat as they will clearly know the expenses involved. Always keep in mind that retreats priced low aren’t necessarily cheap in quality. It could just mean that there are many participants. More participants will reduce the cost significantly. Always do your research well in advance to avoid any nasty surprises and get the best bang for your buck. Retreats can extend from a two day trip to even ten days. Choose the one that suits you best.

5. Do your homework

Ensure that you enroll with a legitimate organization. Some organizations go to potential areas to experience their services before hand to provide the best experience for their customers. It is good to know that the hosts are vouching for their retreats before you contribute your cash and valuable vacation time.

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