“Yoga on a paddle board? That’s crazy!” – That’s the typical reaction of people on first hearing about this new blend of activities. But still, Stand Up Paddle Yoga (SUP Yoga) is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons, mainly because it provides one with the chance to take care of body and mind while immersed in a natural wide open environment.

Practicing yoga on open water enhances several aspects of the workout. With SUP Yoga, the experience of various poses is intensified by requiring you to engage the core muscles in each pose more in order to maintain balance on the board.

In addition to this effect on the workout component, the practice of yoga while floating on water induces a feeling in the practitioner to be present in the moment, helping to achieve the peacefulness needed for a “work-in” (an essential meditative characteristic of yoga no matter where or how it is practiced).

Practitioners have to move more slowly than in a regular yoga class as they have to retain their balance. Thus it’s actually more grounding due to the need to be more focused and centered.

There are a lot more advantages in taking your yoga sessions outdoors to such unique locales. Breathing in the fresh ocean breeze becomes a refreshing alternative when compared to that of an indoor yoga studio.

And when it comes to music, SUP Yoga teachers Training do not need to worry about selecting the right sounds to accompany their sessions: nature itself provides the perfect soundtrack – may it be the waves bumping against the board, the whistle of the wind, the occasional cries of seagulls, or the fish jumping and splashing next to the boards.

The floating sensation helps alleviate the burdens that life sometimes impose on our shoulders.  A combination of breathing in fresh air, soaking up the sunshine and vitamin D all the while enjoying the natural landscape, beats just about any yoga studio on land.

Though there are different styles of yoga, and a variety of poses, it’s easy to fall into a routine.  Mixing up different styles helps in reducing boredom and the risk of injury.

You get off the water feeling rejuvenated and empowered. The experience is beyond description! The relaxation you experience while floating on the open water is priceless! “

SUP Yoga is open to everyone and no previous experience in yoga is needed to have a safe and enjoyable practice on water. Since this yoga practice is an entirely different and unique experience, all classes begin with the basics starting off with how to attain and maintain balance in several poses. Eventually, you advance into more advanced and challenging postures as you improve in skill and confidence.

It’s normal for first-timers to feel intimidated by the SUP board. SUP is easy to master. Most learn how to balance and maneuver through the water in minutes. It is not so “crazy” or scary as it sounds. Try it out! Get to enjoy nature while practicing yoga. Why stay indoors?

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