My first yoga retreat was a defining moment in my life. To such an extent that I now lead yoga retreats for others around the globe in places like Bali and Costa Rica. This is a highly transformative experience, and I believe that any person who appreciates a healthy lifestyle and good health can benefit a great deal by just attending such retreats.

Here Are 9 Reasons why you must go on a Yoga Retreat:

1. You’ll take your yoga to a whole new level.

Performing yoga can be a challenge if you have a busy schedule. However, when you’re on a retreat, you’ll have at least two classes a day. This will guarantee your advancement, and you will quickly notice significant results from this practice.

2. You’ll get a new perspective on life.

Travelling to new places to perform yoga carries some added benefits like the opportunity to see the world, and yourself, in another light. Experiencing the unknown in a new location is a quick and efficient way to learn something new.

3. You’ll *actually* meditate.

When there is no worry in the world around you, you will have no reason to be stressed. When you are on the retreat, no phones are buzzing or reminders about deadlines from the boss. It is just you meditating amidst nature without a worry in the world.

4. You’ll detox digitally.

One of the best things about retreats is that you can go off the grid. While many resorts have wi-fi, you must keep as little connection to your actual world as possible to experience the difference. It feels great to unplug.

5. You’ll unwind and de-stress.

Sometimes, we need to be a long way from home to give ourselves the consent to unwind. Being on a retreat permits you to listen to your body, rest when you need it and be free from all the anxiety.

6. You’ll eat well without doing all the work.

If you choose an all-inclusive plan, you get three delicious and healthy meals a day. This can save you from the pain of going shopping for groceries, preparing the food and tidying up. Getting clean and healthy food has never been this easy.

7. You’ll supplant some old bad habits.

The most efficient means of getting out a bad habit is by replacing it with a healthy one. When you escape your usual routine for a week, you can replace undesirable habits with clean and healthy ones that support you to become the best version of yourself.

8. You’ll make new friends.

Unquestionably, you will meet many like-minded people. Even if you go solo, you have an opportunity to make new friends from around the globe. These friendships may last a lifetime.

9. You’ll find new reasons to appreciate home.

While a week in heaven is what people always seek, we always return home with a revived gratuity. You feel happier, more satisfied, healthier, and re-invigorated to get on with your routine with new vigor. Heck, you might even have fun doing things that you have always found boring.